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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 84: Enforcement of liens

Section 84. Any lien on registered land shall be enforced in the same manner as a like lien on unregistered land. If registered land is set off or sold on execution, or taken or sold for taxes or for any assessment, or sold to enforce a lien for labor or materials, or the lien of a mortgagee or co-tenant arising from a payment of taxes, or the lien for an assessment under chapter eighty, or for costs and charges for taking down dangerous structures under section nine of chapter one hundred and forty-three, or for erecting fences along the line of a railroad corporation under section ninety-four of chapter one hundred and sixty, or for improving low land and swamps under section eleven of chapter two hundred and fifty-two, or for flowing land under section fourteen of chapter two hundred and fifty-three, or for any costs and charges incident to such liens, any execution, or copy of the execution, any officer's return, or any deed, demand, certificate or affidavit or other instrument made in the course of proceedings to enforce such liens and required by law to be recorded in the registry of deeds in the case of unregistered land, shall be filed with the assistant recorder for the district where the land lies and registered in the registration book, and a memorandum made upon the proper certificate of title in each case as an adverse claim or encumbrance.