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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 86: Filing and registration of memorandum of proceedings affecting land; registration of judgment or decree

Section 86. No civil action to recover a freehold estate, suit for partition, or other proceeding affecting the title to land or the use and occupation thereof or the buildings thereon, and no judgment or decree or any proceeding to vacate or reverse any judgment or decree shall have any effect upon registered land as against persons other than the parties thereto, unless a memorandum like that described in section fifteen of chapter one hundred and eighty-four, containing also a reference to the number of the certificate of title of the land affected and the volume and page of the registration book in which it is entered, is filed and registered. This section shall not apply to attachments, levies of execution, or to the probate of wills or administration in the probate court. If notice of the pendency of the proceeding has been duly registered, it shall be sufficient to register the judgment or decree within sixty days after the rendition thereof.