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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 9: Subordination of estate of homestead to mortgage executed by all owners

Section 9. An estate of homestead shall be subordinate to a mortgage encumbering the home executed by all the owners of the home. For the purposes of this chapter, a mortgage shall include an instrument granting a security interest in a manufactured home or cooperative housing unit. The subordination shall not require the signature of a spouse who is not an owner. A mortgage executed by fewer than all of the owners of a home that is subject to an estate of homestead shall be superior only to the homestead estate of the owners who are parties to the mortgage and their non-titled spouses and minor children, if any.

No statement that a homestead estate shall be subordinate to the mortgage shall be required in the mortgage instrument and nothing contained in a mortgage or any document executed in connection with the mortgage shall affect or be construed to create, modify or terminate a homestead estate, other than to subordinate it to the mortgage as aforesaid. A mortgage lender shall not require or record a release of homestead in connection with the making and recording of a mortgage.