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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 17: Estates of less than $700

Section 17. If the total value of an estate which has come into the control of a public administrator is less than seven hundred dollars, unless the same is the balance of an estate received from a prior public administrator, he shall forthwith reduce all such property into money, not taking administration thereon, and deposit it, after payment of any outstanding funeral expenses and after deducting his reasonable expenses and charges, with the state treasurer, who shall hold it for the benefit of any other persons who may have legal claims thereon. Such claims may be presented to the comptroller within one year from such payment to the treasurer, and the comptroller shall examine such claims and allow such as may be proved to his satisfaction, and upon the expiration of the year shall forthwith certify the same to the governor and council for payment of the whole of the claims or such proportion thereof as the funds will allow.