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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 12: Receiver; compensation; accounting; limitation on actions

Section 12. The receiver shall be allowed such compensation and disbursements as the court orders, to be paid out of said property or proceeds. If before any order for distribution is made under section thirteen, such absentee, or a duly appointed administrator, executor, assignee in insolvency or trustee in bankruptcy of his estate, or his duly appointed guardian or conservator, appears and claims said property, such receiver shall account for, deliver and pay over to such absentee or legal representative the remainder thereof, after making such deductions as may be allowed under this section and section ten. If such absentee or legal representative does not appear and claim said property prior to any such order, all the right, title and interest of such absentee in said property, real or personal, or the proceeds thereof shall cease, except as provided in section thirteen, and no action shall be brought by him or such legal representative on account thereof.