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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4A: Rents and profits; payment of debts; limitations

Section 4A. If the personal property of a deceased person appears to be insufficient to pay his debts, the probate court may, subject to the rights of the surviving spouse under section one of chapter one hundred and ninety-six, after notice, authorize the executor or administrator to take charge of the real property of the deceased or any part thereof and collect the rents thereof for such period of time as the court deems proper, and, during such period, to make necessary repairs and do all other things which it may consider needful for the preservation of such real property and as a charge on the interest of the decedent therein; provided, that if any person interested in the estate shall give bond as provided in section thirteen, no such authorization shall be given. The balance, if any, of said rents, subject to rights of dower and curtesy, and the rights of the surviving spouse and minor children of the decedent under section two of chapter one hundred and ninety-six, shall be assets in the hands of the executor or administrator for the payment of debts in like manner as are the proceeds of real property sold for the payment of debts. An order giving authority to the executor or administrator as aforesaid shall have effect, notwithstanding an appeal therefrom, until it is otherwise ordered by a justice of the supreme judicial court.