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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 22: Realty sold by fiduciaries; limitation of action or entry

Section 22. No action for the recovery of property sold by an executor or administrator under chapter two hundred and two shall be maintained by an heir or other person claiming under the deceased unless commenced within five years next after the sale; and no action for property sold by a guardian or conservator under said chapter shall be maintained by the ward or by any person claiming under him unless commenced within five years next after the termination of the guardianship or conservatorship; but persons out of the commonwealth and minors and others under legal disability to sue when their right of action first accrues may commence such action at any time within five years after the removal of the disability or after their return to the commonwealth. No entry, unless by judgment of law, shall be made upon land so sold, with a view to avoid the sale, unless within the times of limitation before prescribed for the commencement of an action.