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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 26: Notice of sale; failure of proof; remedy

Section 26. If an executor, administrator, guardian, conservator, trustee, receiver, commissioner or other fiduciary officer appointed by the probate court, or a person employed by him to give notice of sale of real estate, has failed to file an affidavit of such notice in the probate court and such affidavit cannot be obtained, the court may, upon petition of any person interested in real estate the title to which may be affected thereby, stating the particular failure complained of and averring that the affidavit cannot be obtained, order notice by publication to creditors of, and others interested in, the estate in the settlement of which the failure complained of occurred. If, upon return of such notice and after hearing, the court is satisfied that such notice was in fact given, it may make a decree to that effect.