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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 23: Intermarriage of parents; jurisdiction

Section 23. (a) If, after adjudication of paternity or voluntary acknowledgment of parentage, the parents of the child intermarry, any order or judgments of the court relative to support, custody, visitation and restraint on personal liberty shall be null and void, except as to any support arrearage which is owed to the commonwealth as reimbursement for public assistance and which accrued before the date that the parents intermarry and the court shall have no continuing jurisdiction over the parties under this chapter.

(b) If, after proceedings are commenced but before an adjudication of paternity is issued, the parents intermarry, the court may adjudicate paternity hereunder but shall have no other jurisdiction over the child or the parents under this chapter.

(c) An action under this chapter may be commenced after the intermarriage of the parents of the child only to determine paternity.