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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 13: Presentation of cases; law governing; adoption of rules

Section 13. The law governing the presentation of cases to the supreme judicial court for appellate review, except as to the printing of records and briefs, shall apply to the presentation to the appeals court of cases within the concurrent jurisdiction of that court. The appeals court shall, subject to the approval of the supreme judicial court, adopt rules regulating practices, procedures and internal administration of the appeals court. Such rules shall not require the printing of records and briefs, but may require the reproduction of relevant portions of records and briefs by xerography or a similar method producing legible pages in a reasonable number of copies.

The supreme judicial court shall adopt rules regulating the review by it, whether by transfer, report, bill of exceptions or appeal, and the time within which review may be sought; and may make such other rules and orders as may facilitate, or are desirable to regulate, appellate review by either court.