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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8: Clerk to serve as administrative officer; cost of maintaining office; duties

Section 8. The clerk shall serve as the administrative officer of the court and shall maintain an office in Boston and at such other place or places as the supreme judicial court may designate. The cost of maintaining such office or offices shall be borne by the commonwealth. The clerk or one of the assistant clerks shall attend all sessions of the appeals court; keep and preserve all the papers, records and files thereof; maintain a docket of all matters presented to the appeals court and all proceedings therein and enter thereon accurate records of all orders, decrees, determinations or directions of the court in each case; transmit to the clerk and reporter of the supreme judicial court all papers, opinions, and decrees as required by statute or rule; and receive and keep safely all papers transmitted to him by the clerks of courts, registers of probate and recorder of the land court. He shall make copies of all papers on file in the appeals court and of its docket, upon request, and certify them, if desired, and charge the same fees payable for like services of clerks of courts. He shall issue such notice as the court or any justice thereof may order.