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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8: Informal adjustment; sanctions

Section 8. (1) With the agreement of the judge, the commission may by informal adjustment dispose of a complaint at any stage of the proceedings by:

(a) informing or admonishing the judge that his conduct is or may be cause for discipline;

(b) directing professional counseling and assistance for the judge;

(c) imposing conditions on the judge's conduct; or

(d) persuading a judge to retire voluntarily.

(2) The commission may dismiss a sworn complaint, a statement of allegations or a formal statement of charges as unjustified or unfounded at any stage during the proceedings.

(3) The commission may issue a private reprimand with the consent of the judge.

(4) The commission may recommend to the supreme judicial court one or more of the following sanctions:

(a) removal;

(b) retirement;

(c) imposition of discipline as an attorney;

(d) imposition of limitations or conditions on the performance of judicial duties;

(e) public or private reprimand or censure;

(f) imposition of a fine;

(g) assessment of costs and expenses;

(h) imposition of any other sanction which is reasonable and lawful.