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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4: Community correction plans

Section 4. (a) The executive director is hereby authorized and directed to develop and implement standards for a contracting process for community corrections plans, as follows:

(1) A community corrections plan shall include:

(A) a description of its goals and anticipated reductions in incarcerations, including the types and number of targeted offenders to participate in the program;

(B) a description of the administrative, capital and operating costs of the programs and supplemental funding sources, including the imposition of user fees to defray program costs;

(C) a description of methods for supervision of offenders and measures for the maintenance of public safety;

(D) a description of measures to collect restitution payments to victims.

(2) Subject to appropriation, the executive director, shall select plans for funding. All contracts shall provide that the executive director may suspend funding or may assume administrative responsibility for any community corrections program not in compliance with program standards, or if the public safety is threatened.

(3) The executive director shall monitor programs for compliance with the goals of chapter two hundred and eleven E of the General Laws, and shall provide technical assistance, training and education to providers in developing and operating community corrections programs.

(4) Continued funding shall be subject to appropriation, and eligibility for continued funding shall be contingent on provider compliance with the goals, standards and procedures established by the commission, and on an evaluation by the executive director of the effectiveness of the program. Each provider shall submit a biannual report no later than March fifteenth and August fifteenth of each year to the county community corrections advisory board, to the executive director and to the commission.

(b) Subject to an agreement between the commissioner and the secretary of public safety and subject to appropriation, the resources of community corrections programs shall be utilized by the parole board for the purpose of parole supervision.

(c) The office of community corrections shall develop and implement a public education program about community corrections, provide technical assistance, training and education to the judiciary and criminal justice system agencies and personnel, coordinate training for providers, and serve as a clearinghouse for information regarding community corrections programs.