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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 3: Courts and their jurisdictions; general provisions

Section 3. Probate courts shall have jurisdiction of probate of wills, of granting administration on the estates of persons who at the time of their decease were inhabitants of or residents in their respective counties and of persons who die out of the commonwealth leaving estate to be administered within their respective counties; of the appointment of guardians and conservators; of all matters relative to the estates of such deceased persons and wards; of petitions for the adoption of children, and for change of names; of proceedings transferred to it under the provisions of section four A of chapter two hundred and eleven; and of such other matters as have been or may be placed within their jurisdiction. Whenever service of any notice, summons, citation, order or other process in any of the foregoing proceedings is ordered to be made by publication the names of the estates or parties to such proceedings shall be printed in bold type.

Probate courts have exclusive original jurisdiction of actions for divorce or for affirming or annulling marriage.

Probate courts shall have exclusive original jurisdiction of all actions concerning the execution and validity of health care proxies created under chapter 201D and caregiver authorization affidavits created under chapter 201F or disputes arising thereunder.