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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 36: Judgments, decrees and orders; necessity of writing; notices; recording

Section 36. Judgments, decrees and orders of probate courts shall be in writing, and in contested cases or in cases wherein the court has reserved judgment, notices thereof shall be given by the registers to the attorneys of record, and in the absence of an attorney of record, to any party who has appeared personally and given his address. The registers shall record in books kept therefor such judgments, decrees, orders and other proceedings in said courts and such instruments, as shall be determined by rules made from time to time under section thirty, by entering the same upon the pages thereof in fair and legible handwriting, printing, typewriting, or by photographic process, or by any combination of any two or more of such methods. They may also direct the recording of any judgments, decrees, orders, instruments and other proceedings in their offices, irrespective of the time when such judgments, decrees, orders, instruments or other proceedings were made, received or held, by means of microphotography or other similar photographic process, and, in such case need not maintain books for such records, but shall provide such filing equipment therefor as they deem proper, the cost of which shall be paid by the county. When such recording is by photographic process, registers shall keep an alphabetical index thereof, or other appropriate description of and reference to the film upon which such recording may be found.