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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8: Chief justice; powers and duties

Section 8. The justice provided for under the provisions of section 1 of chapter 211B as the chief justice for the probate and family court department, in addition to his judicial powers and duties, shall, subject to the superintendence authority of the supreme judicial court as provided in section 3 of chapter 211, have the power, authority and responsibility of a chief justice as set forth in section 10 of chapter 211B.

The chief justice may establish forms for the annual reports of the work of the registers of the several courts; and said registers shall annually, on or before October 1, prepare and file with the chief justice reports of the work of said courts during the preceding court year, and said reports shall also be filed with the chief justice of the trial court. Said chief justice of the probate and family court shall also have the powers and duties described in section 10 of chapter 211B and section 42 of this chapter; except that none of the powers herein described or referred to shall be construed as authorizing said chief justice to alter or affect the provisions of section 58, 59, 60 or 62 of chapter 215.