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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 11: Temporary assistant clerks

Section 11. In case of the absence, death or removal of a salaried assistant clerk of the district court department and the Boston municipal court department, the clerk, subject to the approval of the court administrator as to compliance with personnel standards promulgated pursuant to section eight of chapter two hundred and eleven B, may appoint a temporary assistant clerk, to act until such assistant clerk resumes his duties or until the vacancy is filled. A temporary assistant clerk shall be paid by the commonwealth for each day's service an amount equal to the rate by the day of the compensation of such assistant clerk as established by section eighty, but compensation so paid to a temporary assistant clerk for service, in excess of the number of days of vacation accumulated by the assistant clerk as provided in section ten in any one year, shall be deducted by the state treasurer from the salary of such assistant clerk; provided, however, that if an assistant clerk is absent due to his illness or physical disability for a period not exceeding the number of days of sick leave he has accumulated, no such deduction shall be made. Such thirty day sick leave or any portion thereof not used in any year may be accumulated, but shall, in any event, not exceed one hundred and eighty days in any consecutive six-year period.