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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 12: Clerks; oath of office; duties and powers

Section 12. The clerks, assistant clerks, temporary clerks and temporary assistant clerks of said courts shall be sworn, and in the case of any such assistant clerk, temporary clerk or temporary assistant clerk the oath of office may be administered by the justice or a special or associate justice of his court, who shall, upon administering the same, forthwith make return of such act with the date thereof to the state secretary. They or one of them shall attend all sessions of the court and shall keep a record of all its proceedings. The clerks shall have the care and custody of all the records, books and papers appertaining to, or filed or deposited in, their respective offices. A clerk may make and issue writs and processes, shall make returns of the court, tax bills of costs and receive fines, forfeitures, fees and costs accruing from the civil and criminal business of the court, including fees for blanks and copies.