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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 49: Clerks; duty to pay certain fees; advances; accounting

Section 49. In the municipal courts in Boston, except the central division of the Boston municipal court department, and in the East Boston division of the Boston municipal court department, witness fees and the fees and expenses of officers named in section fifty of chapter two hundred and sixty-two and of all other persons shall, at the end of a criminal case or inquest in which such fees or expenses accrue, be paid by the clerks to the persons entitled thereto. If they do not have sufficient funds in their hands with which to make such payments, they may make written requisition upon the chief justice and thereupon the state treasurer shall advance to them not more than one hundred dollars each in any one month, for which they shall, before the tenth day of each month, account to the commonwealth and for which they shall be liable on their official bonds.