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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 15: Supreme judicial court in Suffolk; duties of clerk and assistant clerk

Section 15. The clerk of the supreme judicial court for Suffolk county shall attend all sessions of the court, except when sitting as a full court; shall record the proceedings and shall preserve all the files and papers thereof, including electronic filings; shall keep an electronic or paper docket record of all complaints, petitions, including petitions for admission to the bar, or other processes presented to the court. The clerk shall maintain care and custody of all court forms, all electronic and paper dockets, all electronic and paper information, including but not limited to notes, data, audit trails, statutes, and statistics, all electronic and paper reports of every nature and description, and all records, books and papers, both in electronic and paper format, which are filed or deposited in the county clerk's office. The clerk shall make copies of all papers on file in the court and of the docket record thereof, if desired, and certify them under the seal of the court, shall issue such writs or other processes as the court orders, shall charge the fees provided by law for like services for clerks of courts, and if no express fee is provided, the clerk shall receive a fair compensation for the services required in analogy to like services for which a compensation is fixed by law. Each assistant clerk shall under the direction of the clerk perform any of the above duties of the clerk and shall pay over to the clerk all fees and amounts received as such assistant. When the assistant clerk is so acting his attestation as assistant clerk shall be sufficient without further designation. The clerk of the supreme judicial court for Suffolk county shall have responsibility for the internal administration of the clerk's office, including, personnel, staff services and record keeping.