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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2: Duties

Section 2. The clerk shall attend all sessions of the court, preserve all the files and papers thereof, keep a docket record of all questions transferred, and of all petitions, complaints or other processes presented to the court, and enter thereon the names of the parties in full and of the counsel who appear in their behalf, and a brief description of the nature of the action or proceeding. He shall also record thereon accurate minutes of all orders, decrees or directions of the court in each case, transmit forthwith to the clerks of courts in the several counties all rescripts made or ordered by the court and the papers which belong to the supreme judicial court or the superior court in each case, and receive and keep safely all papers transmitted to him by the clerks of the courts. He shall make copies of all papers on file in said court and of the docket record thereof, if desired, and certify them under the seal of the court. He shall issue such writs or other processes as the court orders, shall charge the fees provided by law for like services for clerks of courts, and if no express fee is provided, he shall receive a fair compensation for the services required of him in analogy to like services for which a compensation is fixed by law. He shall annually, before the last Wednesday of December, account with and pay over to the state treasurer all fees received by him.