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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 36: Examinations for admission to bar; eligibility; board expenses

Section 36. Said board may, subject to the approval of the supreme judicial court, make rules with reference to examinations for admission to the bar and the qualifications of applicants therefor, and determine the time and place of such examinations, and conduct the same; provided, that any applicant for admission to the bar who is a graduate of a college or who has complied with the entrance requirements of a college, or who has fulfilled for two years the requirements of a day or evening high school or of a school of equal grade, shall not be required to take any examination as to his general education; and provided, further, that no applicant for an examination for admission to the bar shall be restricted as to the number of times he may take such an examination. The expenses of said board, as certified by its chairman and approved by a justice of the supreme judicial court, shall be paid by the commonwealth, together with such compensation to each member as the justices of the supreme judicial court approve.