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The 189th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 37: Petition for examination for admission to the bar; fees

Section 37. A citizen of the United States, if over eighteen, may file a petition in the supreme judicial court or superior court to be examined for admission as an attorney at law. Unless the court otherwise orders, the clerk of such court shall refer the petition to the board of bar examiners to ascertain his acquirements and qualifications. If the board reports that the petitioner is of good moral character and sufficient acquirements and qualifications and recommends his admission, he shall be admitted unless the court otherwise determines, and thereafter may practice in all the courts of the commonwealth. A petitioner to be examined for admission shall pay to the clerk of the court in which his petition is filed a fee of $800 upon the entry of his petition and a further fee of $800 upon the entry of any subsequent petition. A member of the bar of any other state who applies to be admitted without examination shall pay to the clerk of the court in which his petition is filed a fee of $1,000. Any person who requests to have their bar examination scores transferred to another jurisdiction shall pay a fee of $25 for each transfer. If the board determines to allow petitioners for examination to use approved computers in connection with any portion of the examination, petitioners who use such computers shall pay a fee of $75 for such use; provided, that such a fee shall not be assessed against any petitioner who is granted permission to use such a computer by reason of any physical or mental impairment or other disability that substantially and mentally limits the individual's ability to complete the bar examination. Such fees shall be paid over to the commonwealth.