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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 58: Masters; hearings; reports; judgment

Section 58. Masters shall give notice to the parties of the time and place appointed for their meeting, and may adjourn from time to time as may be necessary, subject, however, to any general or special order of the court. If there is more than one master, all shall meet and hear the cause, but a report may be made by a majority. If either party neglects to appear at the time appointed for such hearing, or at any adjournment thereof, without just cause, or if at any such hearing either party refuses to produce in good faith the testimony relied on by him, the masters may close the hearings and make a report recommending that judgment be entered for the adverse party. Judgment shall be entered accordingly after the expiration of ten days from the filing of the report, unless the court, for cause shown, otherwise orders. In all matters pertaining to the time, place and manner of conducting their hearings, masters shall be subject to any general or special order of the court by which they were appointed.