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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 62C: Magistrates; powers and duties

Section 62C. A magistrate designated under the previous section, in addition to his powers and duties as clerk, may:

(a) grant such continuances as are agreed upon by all parties to any proceeding and as may be allowed by rule of court;

(b) hear and rule on any uncontested non-evidentiary motion as may be allowed by rule of court;

(c) call such pre-trial conferences as are deemed expedient for the purpose of ascertaining the trial readiness of parties to an action and of establishing a date for trial;

(d) mediate actions under section twenty-two of chapter two hundred and eighteen;

(e) receive citations and hold hearings pursuant to subsection A of section three of chapter ninety C.

(f) receive petitions and review orders pursuant to section one hundred and fifty-seven of chapter one hundred and forty;

(g) hold preliminary hearings to determine whether there is probable cause to believe that a probationer has violated the terms of his probation.

(h) set bail on arraignments during the normal court day, when a justice is unavailable.

The powers of magistrates as provided herein shall be exercised as allowed by rule of court promulgated by the administrative justice of the appropriate department and approved by the supreme judicial court.