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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 86: Stenographer for grand jury; appointment; custody of notes; costs

Section 86. A justice of the superior court may, upon the request of the district attorney or, if the grand jury was convened upon the written request of the attorney general, upon the request of the attorney general, appoint a stenographer, who shall be sworn, and who shall take stenographic notes of such testimony given before the grand jury as he may direct, and shall provide him with a transcript fully written out of such part of said notes as he requires. Such notes or any transcripts thereof, other than such transcripts as may be required by said justice, shall be transmitted to the district attorney or the attorney general as the case may be, and he shall have the custody thereof. This section shall not authorize the taking of any statement or testimony of a grand juror. Transcription costs shall be paid as provided in section 88.