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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 7: Power of hearing officers to make orders

Section 7. A hearing officer shall have the power to make the following orders, notwithstanding the default of the party chargeable with support or his failure to appear personally, which shall be subject to review and approval by a justice of the court division in which he is sitting as described in this chapter: an order for support under chapter two hundred and seven, two hundred and eight, two hundred and nine, two hundred and nine C or two hundred and nine D; a judgment of contempt for failure to comply with an order to provide support, including an employer's failure to comply with an order for income assignment, for failure to appear in response to a summons, or for any other reason; a stipulation for support or modification agreed to by the parties; an order establishing the amount of arrears or the rate at which arrears are to be paid off; an order suspending a judgment enforcing the income assignment order of another state or making an income assignment order based on the judgment of another state; and all actions to enforce judgments and orders available to the courts, including, but not limited to, orders for attachment of or lien against property, orders to post bond and security, and judgments of trustee process; and such other powers as may be given to masters by statute or rule.