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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 45: Property of newspaper offices

Section 45. The press, type, stands, cases, paper and other personal property used in printing and publishing newspapers shall not, within forty-eight hours previous to the issue of any edition of a newspaper, be attached upon mesne process unless the officer who makes the attachment has, at least twenty-four hours previously thereto, demanded of the owners or managers thereof other property, upon which to make it, equal in value to the amount of the attachment and such owners and managers have refused or neglected to comply with such demand. Such attachment shall be void unless the officer certifies in his return that he has made such demand, the time when it was made and that it has not been complied with. Such attachment, made after such demand, shall take effect from the time demand was made, so as to take priority of any mortgage, pledge, conveyance or attachment made subsequent to such demand.