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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 5: Refusal to enforce claim; action by heir, legatee or creditor

Section 5. It shall be unnecessary to remove an executor or administrator in order that an action to enforce a claim in favor of the estate may be brought by an administrator to be appointed in his place, when he refuses to bring such action at the request of an heir, legatee or creditor, or is unable to do so by reason of his interest or otherwise, but an heir, legatee or creditor having an interest in the enforcement of any such claim may bring a civil action to enforce it for the benefit of the estate in like circumstances and in like manner as a person beneficially interested in a trust fund may bring an action to enforce a claim in favor of such fund, and in case of such action in respect to real estate, it shall not be an obstacle to the action that a license to sell it has not been obtained by the executor or administrator.