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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 107: Circumstances making removal bond unnecessary

Section 107. No bond or deposit under section one hundred and four or one hundred and six shall be required of the commonwealth or any officer or employee thereof represented by the attorney general, or of a county, city, town or other municipal corporation, or of a board, officer or employee thereof represented by the city solicitor, town counsel or other officer having similar duties, or of a political subdivision, or of a party who has given bond according to law to dissolve an attachment or of a defendant in an action of tort arising out of the ownership, operation, maintenance, control or use of a motor vehicle or trailer as defined in section one of chapter ninety if the payment of any judgment for costs which may be entered against him is secured, in whole or in part, by a motor vehicle liability bond or policy or a deposit as provided in section thirty-four D of chapter ninety; and the court may in any case, for cause shown, after notice to adverse parties, order that no bond be given. Said district court may, upon cause shown and after notice to all adverse parties, permit such removal to the superior court, upon the terms above specified, at any time prior to final judgment.