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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 125A: Further report of material facts in equity and probate appeals

Section 125A. Upon appeal in any case, in equity or probate, where the evidence is not reported, the full court, if of opinion that a report of material facts required by or made under section fifteen A of chapter one hundred and eighty-five, section twenty-three of chapter two hundred and fourteen, or section eleven of chapter two hundred and fifteen, is not sufficient to enable the court properly to adjudicate the subject matter involved, may in its discretion, by order transmitted to the trial court, direct the justice, or judge, to make such further report of facts as the full court shall deem necessary. Upon compliance with such direction, seven typewritten copies of such further report shall be filed by the clerk or register with the clerk of the supreme judicial court for the commonwealth for the use of the full court.