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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 79D: Photographic copies of newspaper in library; prints from photographic films

Section 79D. Copies of any newspaper, or part thereof made by the photographic or microphotographic process deposited in any public library or a library of any college or university located in the commonwealth, shall, when duly certified by the person in charge thereof, be admitted in evidence equally with the originals.

A print, whether enlarged or not, from any photographic film, including any photographic plate, microphotographic film, photostatic negative or reproduction of any original record, document, instrument, plan, book or paper destroyed, lost or for any reason unavailable after such film was taken, shall be admissible in evidence in all instances that the original record, document, instrument, plan, book or paper might have been admitted in evidence, and shall have the full force and effect of said original if it is proved that (a) such reproduction was made in the regular course of any business and that it was the regular course of any such business to make such reproductions; (b) said photographic film, microphotographic, photostatic or similar reproduction was taken in order to keep a permanent record of the original; and (c) the said original was subsequently destroyed, lost or is unavailable.