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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 50: Reimbursement of unemployed jurors for expenses

Section 50. Each unemployed trial or grand juror upon application shall be reimbursed by the commonwealth for reasonable travel, child-care, and other necessary out-of-pocket expenses, except food, incurred during the first three days, or part thereof, of juror service. The office of jury commissioner, with the approval of the committee, shall establish guidelines for reimbursement of jurors under this section. Each reimbursement award falling outside such guidelines shall be approved by the court prior to such reimbursement. A reimbursement award under this section shall not exceed fifty dollars per day of juror service. Any juror who is not regularly employed, as provided in section forty-eight, including but not limited to retired persons, homemakers, students, and unemployed persons, shall be entitled to reimbursement upon application under this section. The application for reimbursement by a juror under this section shall be made prior to or during the judicial discretion hearings on the first morning of the term of service of such juror. An unemployed trial or grand juror receiving benefits under the laws of employment security of this commonwealth shall not lose such benefits on account of his performance of the first three days of juror service.