General Laws

Section 59. Grand and trial jurors in participating counties shall receive compensation due from the commonwealth by check on a weekly basis. Each check shall include all compensation for juror services and authorized reimbursements incurred by the juror during the previous week. The office of jury commissioner shall prepare and mail these checks. The comptroller of the commonwealth shall establish a separate account for jurors compensation and reimbursements under this chapter. The office of jury commissioner shall draw upon this account for all checks issued under this section. The checks may be issued with data processing equipment, and a printed or stamped facsimile signature of the jury commissioner shall be authorized. No check shall be valid if the amount is greater than three hundred and fifty dollars. The office of jury commissioner shall not be authorized to disburse monies for sequestered jurors expenses or other special awards ordered by the court; these disbursements shall be handled in the office of the clerk of court.