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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 64: Juror orientation

Section 64. On the first morning of juror service, grand and trial jurors shall be oriented by the court as to their duties and responsibilities. The court may include such other general information and instruction as it deems appropriate. The court may use a videotaped presentation for this orientation. In the event of any conflict, the instructions or charge of the trial judge in a particular case shall supersede the general information provided to jurors in the orientation program. The office of jury commissioner, with the approval of the committee, may prepare such videotaped materials and other materials as are appropriate for use in the juror orientation programs. The office of jury commissioner may permit juror orientation materials to be used for educational purposes by schools, civic organizations, the press, and other groups in order to foster improved public understanding of the jury system. Unless the court orders otherwise, members of the public may be present in the juror pool during juror orientation programs for educational purposes.