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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 1: Petition to compel adverse claimant to try title

Section 1. If the record title of land is clouded by an adverse claim, or by the possibility thereof, a person in possession of such land claiming an estate of freehold therein or an unexpired term of not less than ten years, and a person who by force of the covenants in a deed or otherwise may be liable in damages, if such claim should be sustained, may file a petition in the land court stating his interest, describing the land, the claims and the possible adverse claimants so far as known to him, and praying that such claimants may be summoned to show cause why they should not bring an action to try such claim. If no better description can be given, they may be described generally, as the heirs of A B or the like. Two or more persons having separate and distinct parcels of land in the same county and holding under the same source of title, or persons having separate and distinct interests in the same parcel or parcels, may join in a petition against the same supposed claimants. If the supposed claimants are residents of the commonwealth, the petition may be inserted like a declaration in a writ, and served by a copy, like a writ of original summons. Whoever is in the enjoyment of an easement shall be held to be in possession of land within the meaning of this section.