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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 10A: Restrictions on land; determination; jurisdiction; petition

Section 10A. The superior court and the land court shall have concurrent jurisdiction of a civil action by any person or persons claiming an estate of freehold, or an unexpired term of not less than ten years, in land subject to a restriction described in section twenty-six of chapter one hundred and eighty-four, to determine and declare whether and in what manner and to what extent and for the benefit of what land the restriction is then enforceable, whether or not a violation has occurred or is threatened. The complaint shall state the names and addresses, so far as known to the plaintiff or plaintiffs, of the owners of the subject parcels as to which the determination is sought, of the owners of any benefited land and of any persons benefited other than persons interested in benefited land. There shall be filed therewith (1) a certified copy of the instrument or instruments imposing the restriction, or of a representative instrument if there are many and the complaint includes a summary of the remainder, and (2) a plan or sketch showing the approximate locations of the parcels as to which the determination is sought, and the other parcel or parcels, if any, which may have the benefit of the restriction, and the ways, public or open to public use, upon which the respective parcels abut or nearest thereto, and the street numbers, if any, of such parcels.