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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 16: Return of commissioners; confirmation; amendments; final decrees; recording

Section 16. The court may after hearing accept and confirm the return of the commissioners, or set it aside and commit the case anew to the same or to other commissioners having the same powers as those originally appointed; or it may, after a hearing, amend the return, and accept and confirm it as amended. After the return of the commissioners has been accepted and confirmed, the court shall thereupon enter a decree that the partition be firm and effectual forever. If the partition is by division, the commissioners shall record a certified copy of the decree in the registry of deeds for each district where any of the land lies, together with so much of the return, as finally confirmed, as relates thereto; or if any part of the land is registered land, they shall in recording the same comply with section 92 of chapter 185.