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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 34: Unclaimed proceeds of sale; disposition

Section 34. If the proceeds of a sale, or any share thereof, cannot be paid to the persons entitled thereto, the commissioners shall deposit the same in the name of the judge of probate for the county where the proceedings are had, or, in the case of the land court, the chief justice, in a savings bank or other like institution, or in a savings accounts in a trust company, or in paid–up shares and accounts of and in co–operative banks, or purchase with it in the name of the judge or justice a share account of a federal savings and loan association or a savings and loan association located in the commonwealth, as the court orders, to accumulate for the persons entitled thereto. The deposit or purchase shall be subject to sections twenty-five to twenty-eight, inclusive, of chapter two hundred and six, so far as applicable.