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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 7: Witnesses; production of documents and things; entry on land for inspection

Section 7. (a) The arbitrators may cause to be issued subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses and for the production of books, records, documents and other evidence, and shall have the power to administer oaths. Subpoenas so issued shall be served, and upon application to the court by a party or the arbitrators, enforced, in the manner provided by law for the service and enforcement of subpoenas in a civil action.

(b) On application of a party and for use as evidence, the arbitrators may permit a deposition to be taken, in the manner and upon the terms designated by the arbitrators, of a witness who cannot be subpoenaed or is unable to attend the hearing.

(c) All provisions of law compelling a person under subpoena to testify are applicable.

(d) Fees for attendance as a witness shall be the same as for a witness in the superior court.

(e) Any party in an arbitration proceeding may serve upon any other party a request for the production of documents and things and for entry upon land for inspection and other purpose as permitted by and in accordance with the procedure set forth in rule thirty-four of the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure in effect at the time the request is made. The enforcement and objections of such request shall be made to the arbitrators and the arbitrators only shall issue such orders as they deem necessary on objections and on requests for enforcement of production both prior to and after the commencement of the hearing.