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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 14A: Reclamation districts; further improvements; procedure

Section 14A. A reclamation district organized under this chapter may from time to time at a legal meeting called for the purpose, vote to undertake further improvements within the district, to raise money by assessment to meet the expense thereof and to incur debt therefor in the manner provided by section ten. Such vote shall not be passed until after completion of the original improvements. The district may also vote to request the board to appoint commissioners to carry out the proposed further improvements. Such commissioners shall be appointed by certificate of the board as provided in section five. The district may, however, authorize its prudential committee to carry out such further improvements. The commissioners or prudential committee acting under this section shall have and exercise, so far as necessary, the powers of commissioners appointed under section five to make original improvements. The clerk of the district shall notify the board of the vote taken and the commissioners or prudential committee shall submit to the board within a reasonable time the plan or plans for such improvements, which shall not be undertaken until the board approves the same. The district may assess upon its members such sums as may be necessary to pay for improvements so voted and for the maintenance of all improvements made under sections one to fourteen B, inclusive, in the manner provided in section eleven for assessment of the expense of the original improvements. Such assessment shall be subject to the same provisions as the assessment authorized in said section eleven, shall be collected in the same manner and shall be paid to the treasurer of the district.