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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 14A: Storage and incidental expenses

Section 14A. If by virtue of a contract, express or implied, with the owners of a vessel of not more than forty feet in length, or with the agents, contractors or subcontractors of such owners, or with any of them, or with a person who has been employed to construct, repair or launch a vessel, or to store said vessel, either in wet storage or on land, or to assist therein, money is due for storage furnished for or on account of such vessel in the commonwealth, which shall include such labor performed and such materials furnished, including stands and cradles, as may be necessary and incidental to said storage, the person to whom such money is due shall have a lien upon the vessel, her tackle, apparel and furniture to secure the payment of such debt, and such lien shall be preferred, together with liens provided under section fourteen, to all others on such vessel, except that for mariners' wages, and shall continue until the debt is satisfied.