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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 26: Enforcement

Section 26. A person who has a lien, which is not described in sections fourteen to twenty-two, inclusive, or in chapter two hundred and fifty-four, for money due to him on account of work and labor, storage, care and diligence, or money expended on or about personal property under a contract express or implied, if such money is not paid, in the case of a lien described in section twenty-four, twenty-five or twenty-five A within ten days, or in other cases within sixty days, after a demand in writing delivered to the debtor or left at his usual place of abode, if within the commonwealth, or mailed postpaid to him at his usual place of abode without the commonwealth, may bring a civil action in the superior court or in a district court within the jurisdiction of which the plaintiff resides or has his usual place of business to have the property sold to satisfy the debt.