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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 31A: Spinners and others; work and materials

Section 31A. A lien on account of work, labor and materials furnished in the spinning, throwing, manufacturing, bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing, printing, finishing or otherwise processing of cotton, wool, silk, artificial silk or synthetic fibers, or of leather goods or hides, or of goods of which cotton, wool, silk, artificial silk or synthetic fibers form a component part and the processing of wood, metals, paper, paperboard, plastic and plastic components and the processing of any material for use in electrical components and assembly of same covering the addition of materials and labor furnished in printing, cutting, milling, extruding, combining and sewing, as against goods in the lienor's possession, shall extend to any unpaid balance of account for work, labor and materials furnished in the course of any such process in respect of any other such goods of the same owner whereof the lienor's possession has terminated. The lien created hereby shall have priority over any title, lien, interest or encumbrance of any owner and shall not be surrendered or waived except by express written agreement of the parties involved. The word ''owner'', as used in this and in the following section, shall include a factor, consignee or other agent intrusted with the possession of the goods held under said lien or of a bill of lading consigning the same to him with authority to sell the same, and delivered by such factor, agent or consignee to the lienor for the purposes aforesaid.