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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 32: Dissolution of liens on personalty; manner

Section 32. Liens claimed by public warehousemen and others upon personal property for storage thereof, by innkeepers, boarding house keepers and lodging house keepers upon the baggage and effects of guests, boarders or lodgers, by stable keepers and others for the boarding, keeping or pasturage of horses or other domestic animals, by persons maintaining public garages for the storage and care of motor vehicles, by agents, consignees and factors for advances, disbursements or expenses upon merchandise, by attorneys at law upon books, papers, documents or other personal property, and by any other persons for money due to them on account of work and labor, care and diligence, or money expended on or about personal property under a contract express or implied, may, except as otherwise provided in section thirty-four, be dissolved as provided in the following section.