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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 13: Copy of contract; delivery to buyer; failure to deliver; effect; cancellation of contract

Section 13. The seller shall deliver to the buyer, or mail to him at his address shown on the contract, a copy of the contract signed by the seller. If the seller fails to deliver or mail to the buyer on or before the time of the delivery of the motor vehicle a copy of the contract signed by the seller, the buyer shall have the right to refuse to take delivery of the motor vehicle and shall be entitled to receive an immediate refund of all payments made and redelivery of the motor vehicle or vehicles traded in to the seller on account or in contemplation of the contract, or if said motor vehicle or vehicles so traded in have been sold by the seller in a bona fide sale, which sale shall not take place for at least ten days unless the seller has delivered to the buyer a full and complete copy of the contract as required herein, the proceeds thereof, less the expenses incurred by the seller in connection with such sale including the cost of any repairs made to such property to make it ready for sale; provided, however, that if delivery of the motor vehicle is accepted by the buyer he shall have no further right of cancellation, but shall be entitled to the benefit of penalties otherwise provided for herein. The foregoing provisions shall not entitle a buyer to cancel an order or a contract or to receive any refund thereunder except under the circumstances set forth in the preceding sentence.