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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 9: Indemnity of public employees

Section 9. Public employers may indemnify public employees, and the commonwealth shall indemnify persons holding office under the constitution, from personal financial loss, all damages and expenses, including legal fees and costs, if any, in an amount not to exceed $1,000,000 arising out of any claim, action, award, compromise, settlement or judgment by reason of an intentional tort, or by reason of any act or omission which constitutes a violation of the civil rights of any person under any federal or state law, if such employee or official or holder of office under the constitution at the time of such intentional tort or such act or omission was acting within the scope of his official duties or employment. No such employee or official, other than a person holding office under the constitution acting within the scope of his official duties or employment, shall be indemnified under this section for violation of any such civil rights if he acted in a grossly negligent, willful or malicious manner.

For purposes of this section, persons employed by a joint health district, regional health district or regional board of health, as defined by sections twenty-seven A and twenty-seven B of chapter one hundred and eleven, shall be considered employees of the city or town in which said incident, claim, suit, or judgment is brought pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.