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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 4E: Female genital mutilation; civil action

[Text of section added by 2020, 149, Sec. 2 effective November 4, 2020.]

  Section 4E. (a) A victim of female genital mutilation pursuant to section 60 of chapter 265 may bring a civil action for female genital mutilation. The court may award actual damages, compensatory damages, punitive damages, injunctive relief or any other appropriate relief. A prevailing plaintiff shall also be awarded attorney's fees and costs. Treble damages may be awarded on proof of actual damages if the defendant's acts were willful and malicious.

  (b) A civil action for female genital mutilation shall be commenced within 10 years of the acts alleged to have caused the injury; provided, however, the time limit for commencement of an action under this section shall be tolled for a child until the child attains the age of 18.