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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 27G: Payment procedure; public record; report of expenditures

Section 27G. The clerk shall receive from any indigent party or his attorney all bills and vouchers for any document, service or object rendered to said party for which an order for payment by the commonwealth has been issued, and shall transmit said bills and vouchers and an attested copy of said order to the office of the court administrator, who shall make prompt payment thereon.

The office of the court administrator shall keep a record of all payments or waivers made pursuant to this section and of all repayments made pursuant to section twenty-seven E, including therein the name of the party, his attorney if any, the names and addresses of the person or persons to whom payment is made, the dates each was rendered to the party and the charge for each, and the dates payment was made by the office of the court administrator. This record shall be a public record.

The office of the court administrator shall on or before December first of each year make a written report to the general court indicating the amounts and purposes of all expenditures under sections twenty-seven A to twenty-seven G, inclusive, and making such recommendations for change in the law as he deems necessary.