General Laws

Section 2. The fees of the clerks of the district and Boston municipal court departments of the trial court in civil actions, shall be as follows:

For the entry of a complaint, third-party complaint, petition or other action, and for the filing of a motion to intervene as plaintiff, $180.

For the entry of supplementary proceedings under chapter 224, $30, which, together with the fees of witnesses and officers in the proceedings, shall be allowed the creditor as costs.

For the entry of a claim of trial by the superior court under section 104 of chapter 231, $180.

For approving or disapproving by the court of sureties on bonds or recognizances, $60.

For the entry of a civil appeal in the appellate division of the district court department, $180.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, for the entry of a complaint, petition, appeal or other action by the commonwealth, no fee shall be paid; but, if the commonwealth prevails in the action, the fee shall be taxed against the other party.